Band of the Day: Fairground Saints with Contagious Americana Song “Somewhere Down the Line”


Fairground Saints are out with their contagious new release that has landed them in Rolling Stone Magazine and on Official Spotify playlists. The band is making their mark in the country-Americana world with “Somewhere Down The Line.” The song starts with roots-inspired instrumentation that provides the listener with a warm and familiar feeling. It’s almost as if a close friend is playing you an intimate song in the peace of your own living room. The songs lyrics bring the listener on a journey of being on the road, big dreams, and the development of a hopeful romantic endeavor. The song is full of dreaming, great ideas, and lyrics that bring happiness to both the band and the listener. The vocal delivery feels more folky than country but the instrumentation has the perfect amount of twang to make the song blend with other Americana music. Overall, the song is a perfect fit for hit country radio as it’s easy to get hooked on the vocal melody and happy-go-lucky vibe of the rising band. Fairground Saints are currently based in Nashville. Enjoy their music on Spotify now:

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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