Rainbow Walk by Skylar Bauer [Poetry] [LGBTQ]

Rainbow Walk by Skylar Bauer

Heart racing, I walk through the woods,
Remembering the rainbow walk trick.
Bright red berries, bearing falsehoods.

Looking for orange now, feeling a lunatic,
Trying to steady my breathing.
Colors of a sunset described in brick.

Rainbow walks are meant to help the heaving
of my chest as I contemplate the yellow bees
and anxiety. Though far from appeasing,

I find these colors with ease.
Green in the toxic colored ‘M’ on a can
Trapped beneath fallen trees.

Blue in the music as it began–
“Misery” playing through my headphones.
The walk not helping, I craft a plan:

I’ll go home and let a shower soothe my bones,
but as I turn to leave, an indigo butterfly
skips over the water like stones.

Rather than exiting without a try,
I find graffiti in violet to satisfy.


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