‘No Thanks’ by Basketball Knees Is Minimalist, Punky Toronto Alt Rock

11 20 18 Basketball Knees‘No Thanks’ by Basketball Knees is straightforward, plinky alternative rock with an old school, punky flair. “Featuring the three-kneed attack of Joel Wheeler, Amye Sagar and Stefan Dos Santos,” these guys say they are based out of Toronto, though they hail “from Nelson, British Columbia, La Feria, Texas and Whitby, Ontario respectively.” In spite of their limited personnel, “the band does as much as it can with their minimal set-up, including switching instruments and main vocal duties, to deliver catchy, surprising and tightly crafted scuzz-pop nuggets.” The band says on their new record Tank, they have, “refined and expanded on their sound by adding Sagar’s songwriting, harmonies and cymbal-stand guitar shredding into the mix along with Dos Santos’ energetic and propulsive drumming.” There’s a simple sweetness to the group’s music that really works its way into you. This may not be the most original minimalist punk-oriented alternative rock out there, but it’s a solid, endearing take on the sound. This is a neat track from a cool band. Check out ‘No Thanks’ below!




Noah Zucker // IG – @zucker.n // Twitter – @zuckern13

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