The M. Crane Band’s ‘Live to See It’ Is Atmospheric Southwestern Prog-Rock

11 20 18 M. Crane BandThe M. Crane Band’s ‘Live to See It’ is some jazzy, atmospherically-oriented progressive rock out of Arizona. The band says they are, “known for their emotive vocals and dreamy soundscapes that have established them as a unique voice in” their regional scene. “Officially forming in 2015,” they say, “the band has allowed the music to speak for itself noting that the release of their first EP drew comparisons to acts such as Muse and Mars Volta.” These guys really do have a lot going on. Under whirring, whiny guitars and haunting, ghastly vocals lies an expansive, unbridled compositional structure held in place by a grounded rhythm section. Clearly, there was a lot of though put into this track. It may feel hard to follow at points, but every element on here is placed with a clear purpose in regard to forming the overarching atmosphere. This is an awesome piece from a solid band. Check out ‘Live to See It’ below!

Noah Zucker // IG – @zucker.n // Twitter – @zuckern13

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