‘Ghosting’ by Quanah Jay Hicks Is Lightly Progressive Hudson Valley Pop Punk

11 26 18 Quanah Jay Hicks.jpeg‘Ghosting’ by Quanah Jay Hicks is smooth, sad and reflective pop punk with a lightly progressive take. “Quanah Jay Hicks of Orange County, New York,” describes himself as, “a uniquely multi-faceted individual.” His resume includes titles like, “songwriter, music producer, multi-instrumentalist, photographer, cinematographer, director of films and composer of film scores,” for “major label/platinum artists, video game publishers, television networks and animation/film production companies.” This is a very well-composed, well-produced rock track. There’s a cleanness and clarity to the song that isn’t hindered by its light grit and meaningful use of effects. In terms of songwriting, this straddles a delicate line between progressive post-hardcore and more traditional pop punk. In a lot of ways, this kind of sounds like a more accessible, straightforward take on the sound pioneered by fellow Orange County natives Coheed and Cambria. This is a great track from an experienced producer. Check out ‘Ghosting’ below!


Noah Zucker // IG – @zucker.n // Twitter – @zuckern13

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