Marble Arch’s ‘I’m On My Way’ Is Some Haunting Parisian Shoegaze

11 26 18 Marble Arch.jpgMarble Arch’s ‘I’m On My Way’ is spooky, alluring dream pop out of Paris with a clean punch. “In his adolescent bedroom, Yann Le Razavet,” says he made a, “sensitive and delicate pop,” which makes use of his distinctive “rough melancholy.” He says his music functions in a “a new shoegaze and psychedelic way,”  and should be thought of “as the vestiges of a lost childhood.” Through the song’s haunting analog wails and supremely tight rhythm section, we get a strong dose of the wet, manic and urban atmosphere this songwriter crafts. Obviously, this track is pretty fast-paced, but at the same it feels like all of the different elements – especially the melodic ones – are left with a lot of space to breathe. Le Razavet’s affinity for DIY production is probably what gives the piece such a united, pointed feel. This is an exceptional track from a rising artist. Check out ‘I’m On My Way’ below!

Noah Zucker // IG – @zucker.n // Twitter – @zuckern13

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