The High Loves Release Great EP that Channels 90’s & Early 2000’s Indie Rock


The High Loves are out with a great new indie-rock song titled “You Already Knew That.” The song combines high energy guitar playing with a smooth vocal that channels the styles of bands like Oasis, Weezer and Third Eye Blind. A classic pop melody, covering a wide range, and distorted electric guitars creates a magical vibe for a catchy rock ballad. The song feels like a throwback to the rock sounds of the 1990’s and early 2000’s.  “You Already Knew That” comes off of The High Loves recent EP titled “Serotonin EP” released on November 17th, 2018. The High Loves let Rock the Pigeon know that the vocals were recorded at River Radcliffe’s home studio, and the final production for this debut EP was recorded at Humber Studios. It mixed by Kevin O’Leary and mastered by Jay Hodgson. The production and mix is excellent creating a clean but inspiring feeling sound. 

This is the bands first EP release which gets Rock the Pigeon fans excited for a full length record in the future. Enjoy this classic sound on Spotify:

“Song inception and writing is from lead singer and guitarist, Noah Monckton. Often the process begins with a melody or a lyric that initiates the process. Once the main chord structure and lyric is produced, the rest of the craft follows suite: bass guitar, lead guitar, and vocal harmony. Finally the rest of the band members contribute and give feed back for the final demo and draft.”
– The High Loves

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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