3 Excellent Christmas & Winter-Themed Songs to Listen to this Season

Rock the Pigeon has gathered a short list of our favorite Christmas songs for 2018 to listen to this Holiday season! It’s not easy to make an original feeling Christmas or Winter Holiday song but we believe that these three artists brought unique sounds to the table while still delivering the classic sounds of sleigh bells and winter-themed lyrics. Enjoy these three wintertime ballads now as you prepare for Santa to come down your chimney. Rock the Pigeon wishes you a very happy Holiday season filled with music and joy.

Meiko – Merry Christmas Wherever You Are

First up, we have the indie-pop superstar Meiko with a laid back Christmas song titled “Merry Christmas Wherever You Are.” The song dives into missing someone she truly adores. This is a universal topic for many Christmas songs as people go through breakups or miss lost loved ones and are often reminiscing during the Holiday season more than any other time of the year. Meiko’s soft voice on top of a well-produced indie-pop track makes for a melancholy Christmas anthem. Rock the Pigeon’s favorite lyric from this spectacular Christmas song is: “I don’t have a tree so I decorated my TV.” Enjoy the hit on YouTube:

The Empty Pockets – Snow Shoes

Next up we have a song that was released a couple years ago by The Empty Pockets but should not be slept on this holiday season. The band brings in the spirit of winter and the Holiday season with their gorgeous song “Snow Shoes.” The jazzy-pop-sounding vocals on the song combined with prominent sleigh bells create a romantic and happy vibe. The electric guitar adds a classic rock feel while the vocals could blend perfectly with Michael Buble’s holiday album. We are sure that by the end of the song you’ll want to spend some time looking at the beautiful snow! Enjoy this warm-feeling winter ballad on Spotify now:

Coyle Girelli – The Lights

We are closing this fantastic 3 song playlist with a more folky sounding song by master singer-songwriter Coyle Girelli. Coyle Girelli is bringing us some Christmas magic with his somber sounding ballad called “The Lights.” He sings about hoping for snow on Christmas eve and seems to be suggesting that one Christmas miracle could be a reunion with that special someone he loves. The lyrics focus on the Christmas lights all around, shining brightly, thus reminding him to keep the hope and faith alive. It’s a great song to lift anyone’s spirits and hold on to hope. Enjoy Coyle Girelli’s Christmastime masterpiece on Spotify:

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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