AWAZE Makes a Strong Debut with “Pour a Little Love, Love”

“The song tells about a girl reflecting on the indifference of life and how the great wheel keeps spinning no matter how messed up things are. The mid section riff was written on a really cheap and old acoustic guitar when being bored to death on a x-mas holiday.”

AWAZE is the incredible Swedish band consisting of drummer Jonna Löfgren (Glasvegas, Hurula), bassist Olof Domeij (Anna Ternheim, Ola Salo) and frontman Simon Zion. The trio of seasoned musicians have been friends for some time but, according to the band members, finally decided to jam together out of a “necessary evil.” For the first time, the newly formed super band hit the stage last month in Copenhagen opening for the iconic death-punk artist, Hank von Hell (Turbonegro), and debuting their new single “Pour a Little Love, Love.” When listening to AWAZE, it’s hard not to draw references to bands like Iggy Pop, The Black Keys or Arctic Monkeys. The track even feels like it has some funk and hip-hop undertones but it’s primarily 3 and a half minutes of indie rock greatness. “Pour a Little Love, Love” is a fantastic debut and already appears to be a catalyst in helping them gain thousands of new Spotify followers and listeners.


AWAZE is a band to not overlook. Their EP is highly anticipated following the release of their explosive single “Pour a Little Love, Love.” AWAZE plans to release more singles and an upcoming EP by the Spring of 2019. Rock the Pigeon’s favorite lyrics from the song: “We dance and we pray / The guilty stand still.”

Enjoy this catchy song on Spotify now:

Written by Joey C.

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