“Sux” by CAPPA is a Beautifully Sung Pop Track


“Sux” by CAPPA is a breath of fresh air to the pop music world. The song cleverly combines a classic sounding pop vocal with a track that is filled with unique production techniques and sounds. The smooth vocal delivery is done with fortitude and great emotion that immediate pulls listeners in. The listener will be only 30 seconds into the song and will already be hooked on CAPPA and will be begging for more music. That being said, it’s quite impossible to deny how catchy “Sux” is. The song bangs from the first note that is sung on the verse, to the chorus, and through to the end of the song. The lyrics of the song may be a bit cliche when reading them on paper, but the melody makes the lyrics come across as more serious and mature sounding. The production choices on the track were quite important due to the lyrical content, that is very universal and relatable to all humans. The production styles gave the song room to hit hard and sit well with pop fans. Overall the song is well produced and well sang. It can easily become a club favorite or even an empowering song to sing while driving around Los Angeles.

Enjoy the ear worm on Spotify now:


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Written by Ryan Cassata

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