Elina is Quickly Becoming a Pop Sensation with her Soothing Piano Ballads


With over 1 million Spotify monthly listeners, after releasing just 3 singles, Elina is taking the world by storm with her soothing and empowering pop ballads. Her newest song “Champion” is driven by a beautifully played piano and a melodically complex vocal that wins the listener over very quickly. “Champion” is nothing short of brilliant songwriting with empowering lyrics and a truly remarkable vocal delivery. The song showcases her artistry beautifully and takes the listeners breath away. The fact that Elina does not need a full band to back her or full production on her tracks to create a compelling sound, speaks volumes to her true talent as a songwriter. Her gift of songwriting seems to be completely natural from the musical composition, the overlaying vocal melody, the lyrical content, and the emotion that shines through on her voice. We are very happy to be following Elina’s career and music from her first official release “Wild Enough” and feel lucky that we get to watch her rise! Enjoy “Champion” on Spotify:

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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