National Steel Sounds Unique yet Classic at the Same Time


“All Leaves Fall Down” is a track that hooks listeners in from the start with its unique instrumentation. The song is brilliantly layered with exciting flutes, strings, and fitting bells from a Mellotron, a classic Hammond organ, and a harpsichord. National Steel is the project of Michael Hattem, who seems to draw inspiration from several different genres of music such as classic rock, folk music, blues and more. The song “All Leaves Fall Down” immediately stood out to Rock the Pigeon because of the vocal melody and unexpected chord changes that give the song a true emotional and bluesy spin. The song also features a raw rock sound with real guitars and a vocal that is not overly processed at all. These elements add to the song to create a vibe that drifts directly into the listeners heart. The song comes off of National Steel’s 14 song LP titled “Thenody” which is National Steel’s third official release.

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“Recording for the new record actually began back in 2007, but, about halfway through he shelved it to attend school and attend to his growing family. Ten years later, after completing a PhD in American history, Hattem did the digital equivalent of taking the tapes off the shelf and finished the long-unreleased National Steel record.”
– National Steel Team

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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