Flying Boots Releases Self Titled EP with Warm Acoustic Guitars & Soothing Vocals


Warming the soul with soothing acoustic guitars is the indie songwriting sensation Flying Boots with their new song “Walking on the Sun.” The vocal quickly demands the listeners full attention both in terms of tone and lyrical content. “Walking on the Sun” comes across as a folky ballad that sends a hopeful message to both chase your dreams completely, make sure you are living your fullest potential, and reminds listeners to love with their whole hearts. Flying Boots’ voice is as smooth as honey and is the perfect pairing for a slow acoustic guitar ballad. The song has unexpected moments like an acoustic guitar solo and a vocal build that both fit to the songs process and enhance the mood of the song. “Walking on the Sun” is off of a 4 song EP titled “Flying Boots.”

Enjoy the warm sound on Spotify now:

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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