Easy Life Creates a Unique Sound by Fusing Many Genres on “Pockets”


Easy Life is a 5-piece band that cannot be boxed into one genre. The talented group cleverly fuses key elements of genres such as hip-hop, jazz, afrobeat, soul, pop, 90’s rock and beyond. Their chill song “Pockets” starts off with a mind blowing horn section that merges into a vocal that feels like a sing-song rap bit. Eventually, the chill-starting vocal explodes into something so bluesy and soulful. It comes as unexpected but showcases the level of talent of their lead singer. Easy Life performed this hit song live for “Vevo DSCVR ARTISTS TO WATCH 2019” and Rock the Pigeon definitely agrees that this star group is one to watch rise in 2019. Their sound has a little bit of everything for everyone. Easy Life is based in the UK and the 5 band members met in High School. Enjoy the Vevo performance now:

“Easy Life is a form of escapism. Living is proving to be increasingly difficult with all the pressures that modern life brings, and easy life rejects this materialistic philosophy; easy life is a hedonistic vision. When we coined the name there was a lot less thinking involved, but it feels like we have embodied the name over time rather than setting out from day one knowing exactly what it is we were looking for.”

– Murray, Frontman of Easy Life

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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