Picture This Builds Solid Following with Catchy Pop Anthems

“I’m going to love you ’til I’m dead. Is that what you want to hear?”
– Picture This


Picture This has a new pop song that is completely contagious. The song “Everything or Nothing” contains the mood and words of heartbreak, the after thoughts, and the unsettling feeling that you’ll never stop loving someone. The group from Ireland, has the knack for writing catchy melodies that explode as the song reaches it’s peak in the chorus. Combined with great production that lifts the vibe of the song and an emotionally delivered vocal, Picture This has got a sound that is impossible to not adore. “Everything or Nothing” is an instant sing along and an anthem that music lovers will want to play on repeat. The band has gathered nearly a million monthly listeners on Spotify due to their undeniably addicting sound. Picture This will release their next LP titled  MDRN LV in 2019. For now enjoy “Everything or Nothing” on SoundCloud or Spotify.

Written by Ryan Cassata

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