Joie Blaney / Dead Blonde Girlfriend is Out with “The Last Rockstar Volume III”


Joie Blaney, also known as Dead Blonde Girlfriend, has spent 2018 recording and releasing an immense amount of punk rock music. With a natural talent in writing a good punk song with a catchy hook and meaningful lyrics, Joie has released 11 more of these incredible songs on “The Last Rockstar Volume III.” The record starts off fast-paced with “Now You’re Gone.” While the lyrics may be a bit sad at times, the song has an overall feel-good vibe to it. The record channels an old school punk feel on songs like “Bulletproof” “Welcome Back” and “Uncommon Sense.” The record contains lots of distorted guitars and fast pounding drums that will please any punk rock music lover.

Out of the three compilation albums Joie Blaney has released this year, Rock the Pigeon feels that “The Last Rockstar Volume III” contains the most well-written songs. They all hit hard with a punk rock bang!

For fans of The Misfits, The Ramones, Iggy Pop, and old Green Day, enjoy Joie Blaney’s “The Last Rockstar Volume III” on BandCamp now:

Thank you for supporting good indie punk music!

Written by Ryan Cassata

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