DCR Pollock’s ‘Revolutions Etc.’ Is Tense, Amorphous Alt Rock

DCR Pollock’s ‘Revolutions Etc.’ is some tense, eclectic rock with a dense, layered take. This artist describes himself as, “a genre-blending singer-songwriter from Costa Mesa, CA, who began releasing music from his parent’s garage at 14.” He says this track “is about the mundane life that happens in the middle political turmoil,” like “trying to get to a date while protesters are blocking the streets. I touch on the conflict of a political climate, where one part of you wants to be in protests and the other parts wants to be home with your family.” This track strikes a good thematic balance between social commentary and a more personal take. In a musical climate that’s in many ways decidedly apolitical, this kind of approach is a good way to bring broader, more urgent themes to the forefront. The music itself is sort of amorphous and difficult to define. It definitely has the structure of a traditional alt rock tune, but clearly this artist is taking cues from rap, electronic music and some more experimental corners of the rock world. It’s a dynamic, engaging listen. Check out ‘Revolutions Etc.’ below!

Noah Zucker // IG – @zucker.n // Twitter – @zuckern13 


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