“Superman” by Jimmy Charles is a Chilling Country Ballad about having Cancer


Jimmy Charles’ “Superman” is a chilling song that comes straight from the heart. The country ballad, features soothing guitars and a mellow vocal that grows with the incoming emotion driven by the strong lyrical content. When the drums come in the song builds into something unexpected that can move you to tears. Jimmy Charles sings bravely about his battle with cancer, explaining that he has to “swallow his pride” “go through hell” and that he cannot do it on his own. His battle is fought with help from his loved ones. The song gives incredible advice, and encourages listeners that are going through the same struggle that it is totally okay to ask for some help and guidance. “Superman” is a beautiful country ballad that everyone should witness. The song is off of the record “Hard Way To Go.” Enjoy it on Spotify now:

“Superman was written to help save and inspire so many that are going through this horrible Disease of all types by stressing the importance of regular checkups and catching the disease early on. So many of us think that we are invincible and Cancer only happens to others but the idea of “No Ones Superman” is that we all need to be aware and be checked regularly even if we feel strong and healthy like Superman! Especially when it comes to prostate cancer because it shows no symptoms till sometimes it is too late. Also, If diagnosed It is important that the patient does not suffer alone knows it is ok to be vocal and ask for help. So many Cancer patients, especially Men with Prostate Cancer suffer in silence! When I was asked to write this song by Zero Cancer I really wanted to feel as closely as possible what it was like to live this story.”
– Jimmy Charles

More info: www.jimmycharlesmusic.com

Written by Ryan Cassata

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