The Strumbella’s New Song & Video are Musically Magical

The Strumbella’s have released their new song and music video titled “Salvation.”

“Salvation” feels epic from the songs start with instrumentation that builds gradually into something that feels so good, sending sparks of electricity through the listeners body. The vocal melody easily gets stuck in your head from the first note and even features backing vocals that amplify the songs already anthemic vibe. “Salvation” is nothing short of magical in it’s delivery and performance. The indie-rock production adds to the songs chemistry, setting it apart from the bands previous releases. “Salvation” is an indie-pop banger than can easily become the song of the year.

The music video is retro in video style taking place in a bowling alley. It features dancing families and fans and a special performance by The Strumbella’s that bleeds true emotion and authenticity. The song and the video are both uplifting. This is the type of song that listeners will play over and over again. The STrumbella’s are a truly magical act.


Written by Ryan Cassata

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