Radar State Release Debut LP “Strays” & New Music Video on Wiretap Records

RADAR_STATE_STRAYS.jpg Radar State is the pop-punk supergroup featuring The Get Up Kids’ Matt Pryor and Jim Suptic, The Anniversary’s Josh Berwanger and The Architects’/The Gadjits’ Adam Phillips. Radar State released their debut record “Strays” on January 11, 2019 via Wiretap Records.

Radar State cleverly combines elements of pop-punk, emo rock, rock n’ roll, and indie rock to create a sound that sounds fresh with subtle elements of nostalgic rock. The recordings are full of energy, chemistry, deep lyricism, and catchy vocal and instrument melodies. The electric guitars cut through the track and create a sound that is unforgettable. One of Rock the Pigeon’s favorite tracks off the record is “Making Me Feel” which is a punk rock love song that is delivered with a slightly retro vibe. The song comes across as unexpected but serves as a pleasant surprise on the record. We also love “Victims of Fashion” because we believe that vocals are delivered with emotion and power and are perfectly fitting the electric guitar line. The record ends on a more somber note with “Play for the Game” which is a slower rock ballad that acts as a great closer on “Strays.” When the record is done, it’s time to spin it again. Radar State’s 36-minute LP can be enjoyed on Spotify now:

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Radar State’s music video for “What’s A Rebel” dropped today on YouTube. Check it out now!

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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