Common Ground Tease Upcoming Album with Lyrically Sincere Song “Bridges”


Common Ground brings us back to a roots-vibe with their song “Bridges.” The song features spectacular harmonies and incredible instrumentation, like harmonicas and banjos, that pull on the hearts strings and drift into the listeners soul rather quickly. The 6-piece band plays with true chemistry on “Bridges” as they sing about sorrow, alcoholism, and heartbreak bravely and honestly. The quicker tempo of the track is quite fitting for the bands genre and to make the song feel more upbeat than depressing despite the honest lyrics. This track features such sincere emotion that it is impossible to not appreciate the intense vocal delivery and mature lyrical content. The song bleeds truth and sincerity. It’s so honest and raw and relatable to so many people. It provides listeners who have struggled with heartbreak, depression or alcoholism with a sense of hope. Common Ground’s debut album “Wayward” will drop on January 25th, 2019. Rock the Pigeon will for sure be patiently waiting for the next four days to hear more masterpiece songwriting and performing by Common Ground! Enjoy the teaser on SoundCloud now while you wait for greatness to be released:

“I felt kind of adrift in my early 20s, trying to be someone else’s version of myself. It’s a story of deciding to choose your own path and saying good riddance to everything else. The song took a few years to finish… I couldn’t say “I know who I don’t want to be / and change is a necessary thing” until I had truly lived it and learned it.”
—Christina Maida

Written by Ryan Cassata

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