Nick Gusman Turns Original Poem into a Masterpiece Song to Ask a Big Question


“Left Behind” was originally written as a poem. Singer-songwriter Nick Gusman turned his poetry into poetic lyrics on a folky ballad that is jam packed with rich emotion. The writer hopes that this song will serve as inspiration and hope for people that listen to it. Although it is about the end of life, the song sends the message that we should be living in the moment and focusing on what we will leave behind to the world when we die. Nick Gusman says “What will you leave behind after death? A song? A painting? A story? Love?” Luckily for Nick Gusman, he has already figured out one great thing that will out live him, his poetic and flavorful songs that are unforgettable. His vocal delivery comes across as truly authentic and emotional. It’s clear that Gusman truly cares about and feels every line he is singing about. The instrumentation provides a relaxing vibe that can be very fitting to play around a campfire. We hope that this musically chill, and lyrically challenging song will inspire listeners to think about the mark they will leave on the world. We also hope that it will inspire people to live in the moment. It definitely inspired us today.

“Left Behind” comes from Nick Gusman’s 2018 album “Dear Hard Times.” It can be heard on Spotify:

A quote from the singer-songwriter:

This song was written first as a poem. It was mainly me looking at what is left after we die. For me and many like me, it’s a song or hopefully inspiration. I don’t always know where I’m going with a song or where it will end up. Sometimes there is just a need to say what’s on my mind. I’m guessing the reflections of people and events in the song are things I’ve seen, that helped me weigh out what is really of value. Kinda put stuff in perspective for me. For instance, in the 2nd verse. “Everybody fighting over blood, drawing lines out in the mud” That’s about discrimination of races, and the lines that people draw are only temporary. We’re gonna die soon folks… let’s get along.

– Nick Gusman


Written by Ryan Cassata

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