JD Clayton’s New EP is Musically & Lyrically Beautiful from Start to End


In November of 2018, JD Clayton blessed music fans with a 5 song EP titled “Smoke out the Fire.” The EP is well written, musical, and lyrically beautiful. JD Clayton sings with pure authenticity and emotion in his song “Down the Open Road.” The song features country instrumentation including slide guitars, clever piano chords and riffs, and a simple drum that gives enough space for the beautiful vocal to shine completely. Through listening to the 5-song EP, it is clear that JD Clayton pours his entire heart and soul into his songwriting and performing. It is really apparent that his drive to play and write music comes from a place of enormous passion. The 5-song EP fusions many different musical genres together to create an EP that stays compelling throughout it’s 17 minute run. “Smoke out the Fire” will have listeners begging for more music from JD Clayton. We can’t wait to see what this talented singer-songwriter and musician comes out with next!

Enjoy the EP on Spotify now:

A quote about the song “Down the Open Road” from the artist himself…

“I wrote “Down the Open Road” one September while I was in college. I had just watched some videos recalling the events that took place on 9/11 and was inspired to write the song. After 9/11, the people affected continued to walk “down the open road.” They weren’t sure where the road of their life would take them but they kept moving. Sometimes when I feel stressed and get down, I think about the song and remind myself to “just keep walking.””

– JD Clayton

Rock the Pigeon’s favorite tracks from the EP are “Down the Open Road” and “Fall in Bed.” JD Clayton is based in Arkansas.

More info: jdclaytonmusic.com/music 

Written by Ryan Cassata


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