Danny Schmidt Releases “Last Man Standing” to Tease Upcoming LP & SXSW Performance


Danny Schmidt’s new song “Last Man Standing” is musically compelling and lyrically stunning. This talented songwriter is a great storyteller in his songs, both through music and lyrical content. “Last Man Standing” is a mellow sounding song that has an “anything goes” vibe to it. The song combines elements of folk, blues, country and Americana music to create a sound that brings listeners back to the roots of music. The poetic lyrics will make listeners want to hear the song again and again. Every word in each verse seems like it was carefully thought of and picked to keep the listeners attention throughout the track. Danny Schmidt makes every word count. This year Danny Schmidt will be performing at Folk Alliance and SXSW after gaining 1.5 million streams on Spotify and raising over $40,000 on Kickstarter to fund his upcoming album. Danny Schmidt is currently based in Austin, Texas and has developed a cult fan following.

Enjoy this beautiful folk song on Spotify as we all wait for Danny Schmidt’s LP to hit stores:

“I like to describe this song as a character sketch about a poor guy who’s managed to crawl about halfway up the first step of the twelve step program. On the one hand, that’s not very far. But on the other hand, it’s really really far. It means he’s at least started to look inward at himself, and started to claim some responsibility for his life’s condition. I would argue that the twelve steps are logarithmic and not linear . . . and that it takes as much climbing to get up the first step as it does to get up the next eleven.”
– Danny Schmidt

Written by Ryan Cassata

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