Ariane Sings About the “Trust Fund Kids”


Ariane is a French pop singer and songwriter. She has just released her debut song that feels both laid back and fun at the same time, called “Trust Fund Kids.” This song showcases her lyrical abilities and beautiful vocal tone. “Trust Fund Kids” makes it clear that Ariane has a knack for writing catchy hook melodies to bring her pop songs to the next level. The production of the song is very dreamy and unique, setting a tone for the lyrical content which speaks about the divide between the upper and middle and lower class. She sings about not fitting in with the people around her that are wearing designer clothes and driving in luxury vehicles. “Trust Fun Kids” is a great song lyrically, melodically, and musically. It’s also a stellar introduction to Ariane’s music.  We can’t wait to hear what’s next from this rising star!

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Written by SKJ

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