Grain Thief’s “Stateline Hills” is a Truly Unforgettable Song


The song “Stateline Hills” is described by the songwriters as “a classic gambling song.”  Grain Thief released “Stateline Hills” last year on a record titled “Stardust Lodge.” The song is a lonesome sounding country banger about gambling, alcoholism, and partying too heavily. The song is hard hitting. It’s about losing too much money, and losing your soul to complete darkness. The sound of the singers voice transmits the feeling of sorrow and heartbreak so clearly which makes the song contagious to the listener. It’s almost as comforting as having a deep conversation with an old friend that truly understands the state you are in and what you are capable of. “Stateline Hills” has the authenticity it takes to linger in the listeners heart. Combined with all raw and real instruments, the singers voice is lifted even higher, making this incredibly well-written song, a smash hit. Grain Thief’s “Stateline Hills” is a song that folks will enjoy playing over and over again, not only to hear the beautiful orchestration and production, but to listen to the story in the lyrics.

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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