Tor1n, Matt Swagnew and B.Anderson Release “Black” for Black History Month [Music Video]

As you should know, February is Black History Month. We wanted to shine some light on this incredible hip hop song by Tor1n featuring Matt Swagnew and B.Anderson. It was brought to Rock the Pigeon’s attention to spread awareness during Black History Month. The conscious hip hop song is titled “BLACK” and speaks about important issues that are still heavily and negatively affecting the black community today. The song features a chill piano riff and a well-produced beat that allows for enough space for the vocalists to shine and more importantly, be heard. The lyrical content is so important, that the minimal track production is incredible important. The artists all deliver their vocals flawlessly over this beautiful track to get their messages heard loud and clear. This is the type of song that has the power to wake people up and it’s the type of song that will inspire others to use their voice to forward the movement. The three artist featured on “BLACK” are all based in Dallas, Texas. The music video can be seen on YouTube:

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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