Bony Macaroni Shines with Classic Emo Sound on “France”

“This song is about the summer before I went to college. Me and my friends planned our first big road trip together, and we did a bad job…” – Bony Macaroni


Bony Macaroni might have a funny sounding band name but their sound is definitely not funny. This band hailing from The Netherlands, has a classic pop punk and emo sound that quickly becomes contagious to all who get the privilege of listening. The lyrics of their new song “France” do touch on fun topics but the band has a serious sound. Their new track “France” is an instant pop punk classic that is quite pleasing to the ears, especially if you are a fan of early emo and pop punk music. The vocals are filled with authentic energy that is enough to get people to the venue and singing along. The singer has a very distinct voice that comes across as unique. The backing vocals hype up the song even more. The instrumentation flows wonderfully with a strong drum and bass groove. “France” is an unforgettable song.

Bony Macaroni’s sound reminds Rock the Pigeon a lot of The Get Up Kids, The Promise Ring, Something Corporate, and early Fall Out Boy (Take This To Your Grave era). If you are a fan of early emo or pop punk music, you will definitely be a fan of Bony Macaroni!

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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