Meet Two Rising Female Artists with Unique Sounds: Elina & bülow

There is so much great music coming out right now, especially from female artists! Some of Rock the Pigeons favorite artists are out with new material. These are new songs that are complete hits. We are surely blessed to hear some new music from Elina and bülow.


Elina is serenading us with another beautiful piano ballad titled “Mirage.” This is the singer-songwriters 4th release. Becoming a staple on several official Spotify playlists and gaining 1.5 million monthly listeners, it is evident that Elina has a knack for writing soft piano ballads. The songs are fused together with sincerity and authenticity. The rawness of the music is something that is worth celebrating. Being an acoustic driven musician is a rare thing in today’s music world, and Elina is doing well building up a dedicated following with pop piano acoustic ballads that are both breathtaking and catchy. If you aren’t already, you’ll surely be singing along to this one soon:

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The young German artist bülow, known for “Not A Love Song” and our favorite “You & Jennifer” is out with a new banger called “Sweet Little Lies.” The song contains a distantly familiar vocal melody that is an instant ear worm. Nearing 2 million monthly listeners on Spotify, and owning her place on some serious official Spotify playlists, bülow is surely an artist to follow. The song combines elements of hip hop, pop, and folk, creating a fusion that remains quite interesting and fitting for the talented artist. She sings with a soft voice on top of a low-key beat. This song will definitely become a fan favorite and make audiences beg for more. bülow will make a special performance at SXSW this year.

Listen to this hooky song now:

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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