Tulga Sings Memorial Song for his Musician Friend, Spreading Cancer Awareness

“10 years ago, I lost one of my closest friends to cancer. He was only 21 at the time of his passing. This song was written for him and released on the 10 year anniversary of his death.” – Tulga

Tulga has released a beautiful song “10 Long Years” in memory of his friend known as NMK (Nyambayar Enkhbold). Tulga and NMK started producing hip-hop music in their early teens in Mongolia. Their friendship grew even more when they went off to school in Singapore. Tulga had transferred his studies to Vancouver but him and NMK stayed in touch. NMK was diagnosed with cancer, beat it, but then it came back.


“That summer, I wasn’t able to make it back to Mongolia but people were telling me ‘it’s pretty bad’. I went to Mongolia for the winter break and visited him. That was the last time I saw him. He was on his bed hooked up to some large tank. He had been laying on one side for so long that one arm has just swollen up. I sat there quietly holding his hand. His girlfriend and sister were in the room. His sister told us that he had said that even though his life was short, it was full of love and that he had no regrets. These last words were the basis for this song. Since his passing, our friends would gather every year on his birthday and have dinner with his family and we would gather money to donate to a cancer research center or a clinic. This year on January 9th, it had been exactly 10 years since he left us. So this song was released on that day.”

The Mongolian artists sings this folky memorial song to his friend NMK. After hearing the back story of brotherhood and friendship, “10 Long Years” is the type of song that will bring listeners to tears. Hopefully, the earnestness in Tulga’s voice will inspire others to live in the moment with their friends and loved ones and cherish every single moment that they are given. Life may be short but it can also be beautiful. We think the production and lyrical content of this song will definitely serve as inspiration and hope to many people. The song is perfect for anyone that is going through the mourning process of losing someone they love. The production of the song was perfectly fitting for the subject matter. The acoustic guitars and simple drums come across as authentic and sincere, driving even more emotion into the song.

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Tulga is a singer-songwriter from Mongolia. He is currently working on his debut album. Stay in the loop with Tulga:



Written by Ryan Cassata

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