Out Now: Kara Connolly with Post Break Up Song “Other People”


New Music alert! Kara Connolly’s new song has just dropped on Spotify! “Other People” is a musically and vocally bright and fun sounding pop song about moving on. Despite the super fun sound, the song dives into a heavy topic that is quite somber, the strangeness of how two people that were in a relationship could once be so close but then suddenly so distant after a breakup. The song is about moving on but it’s also about thinking about how weird life could feel after a breakup. The singer does say “I hope you’re doing fine” in the bridge, which feels like a break musically, letting us know that she is just reminiscing about this previous relationship and no longer devastated about the split. She has moved on. The songs lyrics are bittersweet even though they are sung in a very cheerful poppy way. Here’s what Kara Connolly has to say about this epic track:

“This track remains one of my favorite songs I’ve ever written because I feel like I found a way to express this sort of bittersweet emotion that I had been experiencing, but couldn’t quite find the words for. It’s about when you get out of a relationship and, you know, at first you’re thinking about that person every day, then it’s every week, then it’s every month, and then time continues to pass and you technically “move on,” but there’s something quite beautifully tragic about that too. Isn’t it strange to think that person is still out there, going through the daily motions of their life, just without you?”
– Kara Connolly

“Other People” serves as a teaser for Kara Connolly’s upcoming debut album. Kara Connolly is currently based in Los Angeles, California and is frequently performing around the city.

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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