Tenderhooks New Album is Out, Includes Memorial Song for David Bowie


If you love David Bowie and glam era rock n’ roll, and want to hear about Stardust Memories, you are in for a true treat! Drawing lots of inspiration from groups in the classic rock genre, especially David Bowie, is the indie band Tenderhooks. Tenderhooks are a 6 piece outfit based in Brighton, United Kingdom. Sounding a bit like the classic rock vocals of The Band, the childlike and bluesy energy of T. Rex, and the hooky melodies of David Bowie, Tenderhooks has released a song called “Stardust Memories.” The song serves as a tribute to the late and great, David Bowie himself. The song channels a true glam rock vibe, keeping that very specific genre alive and well. It’s a track that is filled with banging drums, soaring vocals, and even a fun unexpected piano solo. The chorus section of “Stardust Memories” is anthemic and incredibly catchy. The song is a true sing along that begs to be played again and again. Blast this one loud on your speakers, you won’t regret it! “Stardust Memories” is off of Tenderhooks album “Skeleton Dance.” This 13-song 47 minute record came out today and can be heard on Spotify. Enjoy it now:

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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