Josh Del Releases Americana Song about the Woman he Loves who won’t Settle Down


“This song is about a woman I love but she is a free spirit who can’t settle down.”

Josh Del has released an EP titled “Old Crow” in late 2018. Having been born and raised in the heat of desert, Josh Del has always used songwriting and singing as a tool to pass the time and escape the reality of the atmosphere he lives in. As a result of constantly practicing and daydreaming, he has become a talented singer-songwriter who can craft an immaculate Americana/Bluegrass song. One song off of Josh Del’s EP that really caught our attention is “Rolling Stone.” Sounding nothing like Bob Dylan’s “Rolling Stone” but still carrying that same feel-good spirit, Josh Del combines catchy melodies with acoustic instrumentation to give the words rolling stone a modern meaning. Josh Del’s vocal cuts on the record smoothly with authentic emotion. The singer proudly and skillfully enunciates his words so the listener can hear and enjoy every single lyric in the song. This love song is perfect for anyone that is traveling or has a lover that is constantly traveling and adventuring. The tone of the song is happy and grateful with a hint of sorrow as the singer seems to be happy he has met such a beautiful woman but sad that she will not dedicate more time to him. Enjoy Josh Del’s EP “Old Crow” on Spotify now:

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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