Van Bellman’s Emotive Song is Made Unique with a Toy Piano

Happy Friday, Pigeons! Here is an awesome love song from indie-pop artist Van Bellman. “All This Time” definitely draws inspiration from artists like Sufjan Stevens, indie-pop radio, and psychedelic classic rock songs. The song almost feels like it sends the listener drifting through wide open space. This is due to the atmospheric guitar strums, the breathtaking string section, and the unique percussive additions. The vocal floats softly on the music and hooks music fans in with a catchy chorus melody. Van Bellman’s voice is soft and endearing, and feels full with love. What really sets this song apart from other indie-pop bangers is the toy piano that perfectly fits in the tracks production. Van Bellman explains “I’m mainly a guitarist but I love writing on piano because I can come across some happy accidents. That’s where the piano riff came from: a toy piano gathering dust in the corner of Mission Sound studio with one broken key, which you can hear in the track if you listen closely.” His happy accident definitely resulted in setting his song apart from the rest of the indie pop songs that have recently come out.

Enjoy this lo-fi asthetically pleasing music video on YouTube:

After only a year under the name of Van Bellman, this amazing artist has already been noticed by Sirius XM Radio, Billboard Magazine, and Live Nation. Zac Taylor is Van Bellman. Van Bellman is currently based in Brooklyn, New York.

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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