Ben Wagner Releases Powerful Music Video for “Take My Time” Featuring Joe Reed


Last year we introduced our readers to an incredible song called “Take My Time” by Wisconsin-based singer-songwriter, Ben Wagner. Today we want to introduce you all to a breathtaking music video for that very same song that just might move you to tears. The music video steps into the personal life of a courageous and grateful father named Joe Reed, a man who has no legs or arms. The video also features his beautiful family. The mood of the song is definitely fitting for the video and brings a very inspirational vibe across the speakers. Both the music video and the song provide listeners with a sense of hope and the encouragement to keep moving forward. Ben Wagner has a smooth, emotional vocal, a raw sounding acoustic guitar riff, and a natural talent for the art of songwriting. Both the video and the song are very beautiful and we just know that you will enjoy them. Enjoy the moving music video below:


You can learn more about Joe Reeds inspirational story on Barcroft TV. We really enjoyed watching his story and we think that viewers can learn a lot from Joe’s attitude and personality.


More ways to find Ben Wagner: 

“Take My Time” is an up beat indie-folk song released to promote his album “Midwestern Comfort”. This track weaves relatable lyrics in with sultry vocals in a song that urges the listener to take their time, in life, as well as taking in all the melodic nuances within. Vocals sit in the forefront of the track complimented by warm trumpet melodies in the choruses.”
– Jordi, Rock The Pigeon READ MORE.

Written by Ryan Cassata

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