“Pink” is a catchy and thought provoking new song by Two Feet

The song “Pink” by Two Feet has an epic meaning behind the earnest lyrics and intriguing melody. To me this song brings up thoughts of getting older unexpectedly.  It feels like growing up has suddenly presented itself and dawned on me without time to take it all in. I’m in this place now without a clear map of how I got here. The chorus brings on ideas of how tumultuous life can get. How can one day in the present be so hard to grasp? The lyrics “I keep getting older, my mind is getting colder…” put into perspective how quickly life seems to go by. “The things that once mattered, I know for sure won’t last…” is an impressive realization of how temporary things can be. The song “Pink” then ends with an amazing guitar solo. To me that means even words can’t conclude the thoughts processed in this genius song. Watch the incredible music video exclusively on VEVO:


Written by Hunter Lake

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