No Signal releases this amplifying hard hitting rock song “Stranger Danger”


“Stranger Danger”, the latest single by No Signal, is quite a breath of fresh air! The young man behind this song is the talented 16 year old Riley Schmelzer. With an already strong following it is clear he has a promising future! Schmelzer started recording when he was 14 and his music shows his natural niche. This rock song “Stranger Danger” sets itself far from the others with the continuous and catchy guitar melody that is bound to stick in your head. This amazing guitar riff reminds me of the rock band Muse because it stands out with it’s powerful notes. This smooth and continuous underlying guitar in Stranger Danger carries us through the song with such a compelling melody I already can’t wait to hear more of No Signal’s music! The chorus has an ominous feel and halfway through “Stranger Danger” there is a talented guitar solo that fits perfectly in with this song! Be sure to check out No Signal!

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Written by Hunter Lake


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