Indie-Pop Virtuoso, Dreamsuite, Drops Hot Music Video for New Track “not enough”

Dreamsuite is an indie-pop solo project created in 2018 by multi-dimensional singer/songwriter and producer, Anton Khabbaz. You might remember Anton from and earlier RTP posting that featured Dreamsuite’s track “Can’t Let Go”. Anton has been hard at work since then developing new singles and videos to share with you all. Last night he released a music video for his dope new single “not enough”.

“not enough” was co-written by Anton and his sister, Arienne Antonio-Khabbaz. He expressed how editing the different vocal tracks of the song to sound like a kids choir was a fun production challenge he enjoyed taking on. One of the things I personally love about Dreamsuite is that his lyrics are so honest and relatable. He bares his heart and soul in every track, creating a sense of vulnerability and oneness with the listener. “not enough” references a feeling I’m sure we can all relate to on some level…

A couple months ago I saw the most beautiful girl ever, but couldn’t get myself to go up to her… I went home after wishing I could go back but instead I wrote this song. Every word is true. I’m sure sometimes we all feel like we’re not good enough for someone or at something – that’s normal.

-Dreamsuite, 2019

Anton’s passion for creating audio and visual art is incessant and he can only go up from here. You will definitely want to keep Dreamsuite on your radar.

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Written by Wes Spaulding

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