COQUÍ Wrote a Beautiful Song about the Passing of his Abuela

“So my abuela recently passed away this year from a failed heart surgery. Before she left, I wanted to write something about our family as sort of a lullaby to ease the pain. I wrote this one week before she passed.” – COQUÍ


If you are into soulful hip-hop, you will definitely dig COQUÍ. “Rewind”, released on TATF Records is COQUÍ’s sophomore single, and his first release of 2019. From the surface, the song has a very fun vibe to it, talking about the singers upbringing, his family, and the beautiful experiences he has had with them. Even though the song sounds cheerful on first listen, the lyrics dive into the reality of the tremendous pain that the artist and his family is suffering from, the passing of their beloved abuela. The post-chorus lyrics “When the weight of the world seems to pull you behind, just stop take a breath and rewind.” actually have the power to make the listener stop, pause, and appreciate the sacred moments of their family. The singer explains the lyrics as being the subconscious “…words of my abuela comforting me. After I laid it down, the rest just all came together. This song holds a very special place in my heart.” If you have lost your grandmother, or a family member that you truly loved, you will especially relate to and appreciate this stand-out track. Enjoy the song on Spotify now:

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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