Dirty Fuss Release Fun Psychedelic Jam Song “300 Lbs”


Dirty Fuss will soon be out with a new record titled “American Animals.” They have released a high-energy rock track called “300 Lbs” to tease the upcoming LP. The indie-rock group is based in Nashville, TN and have been jamming, writing, and performing together since the summer of 2016. It’s clear that the band is very comfortable jamming with each other based on the style of this song. “300 Lbs” contains riffs, changing tempos, and even dreamlike psychedelic sections. The song stays exciting throughout because of all of the changes. The song is definitely an adventure that concludes with an incredible jam and bluesy guitar solo. The vocals add a lot of energy because of the unique and energetic delivery. Every member of the band brings their own spunk and excitement to the songs to create something that truly stands out.

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The song was written in a little apartment on Music Row in Nashville and we each brought in different pieces and sort of combined them to create the song. The jam at the end was worked out during rehearsals.” – Dirty Fuss

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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