American Authors New Record “Seasons” features Bittersweet Song “Neighborhood” about Moving Up and On

 “I left my mother feelin’ sick in a bedroom
My daddy told me, “Son, you best grow up”
I told my friends, they could find me on the internet
‘Cause somehow this place just ain’t enough
Collect call from a brother in the lock up
He said he paid his dues but could I pay them too
My best friend is stealin’ money from my pocket
I guess it’s time to go”
– American Authors (Neighborhood, Verse 1)

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American Authors, one of the worlds most celebrated modern indie rock bands, is out with a new record called “Seasons.” The band has been successful in writing catchy rock songs with hooky pop sounding melodies since the start of their career with songs like “Believer” and “Best Day of my Life.”

One of the songs that really sticks out on their new record is called “Neighborhood” and it features Bear Rinehart of the Christian rock band NEEDTOBREATHE. The song is driven by acoustic guitars and emotional lyrics, that start with the topic of a sick and dying mother. The songwriting goes into all of the struggles that people are having in the lyricists hometown. He’s watching people have these struggles and he just can’t handle the thought of sitting in the suffering and pain, so he chooses to leave, and go out and do something better with his life.

The song comes across as a bittersweet anthem of moving up and on but still holding his hometown in his heart. Many people feel this way about their hometown, that they would have a better life if they just got out. Many people get stuck in their hometown and never make it out to fulfill their dreams and live out their true passions. This song is about getting out, moving someplace that’s maybe bigger and better, but returning to the “Neighborhood” for short visits. The lyrics go into the topic of returning for a brief encounter but feeling disappointed that nobody has changed their lifestyle or has made any efforts to get out of there. The lyrics sing: “Came back last night just to see you, It’s been too long but nothing’s changed”


The vocals sound tender as the two singers repeat over and over “Goodbye, so long to my neighborhood…and I know that I’ll see you again, because I’ll always come back to my neighborhood.Many people go back to visit their hometown after they move to a new place. Few people never make any return at all. Friends and family are left behind and short visits are worth it to most people. The song is relatable for anyone that has moved up and on to live their life more fully in another place. American Authors and Bear Rinehart have created a beautiful song and compelling music video that is both tender and moving. Regardless if you are someone that wants to stay in your hometown for the rest of your days or not, I’m sure you know someone that has gotten out, and hopefully this song will remind you of them.

Enjoy the song on VEVO now:

Music video by American Authors performing Neighborhood. © 2018 Island Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

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American Authors new 2019 record “Seasons” can be listened to on Spotify:

American Authors is based in New York City and is signed to Island Records. The bands lineup is: Zac Barnett, James Adam Shelley, Dave Rublin, and Matt Sanchez. American Authors met while studying music at Berklee College of Music in Boston and recorded under the band name “The Blue Pages” before changing their name to American Authors in 2012. Rock the Pigeon also recommends checking out the songs “Say Amen” and “Deep Water” from the 2019 record “Seasons.”

Written by singer-songwriter Ryan Cassata

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