RTP’s Fresh Tracks to Dig Into | March 2019

Chedda Cheese is out with an island style rap track called “Minor Accomplishments” featuring Keston. The Canadian rapper quickly spits over a feel good track about the little things that make his life worth it. The chorus of the song is extremely catchy featuring the singer Keston who brings a Caribbean feel to the track to further spice things up. The two make an excellent pair and have created a stellar track that will definitely be stuck in your head. “Minor Accomplishments” could be the new song of the summer, it could even become an anthem for young people. It’s all about focusing on the little things that brighten up your day, I’m sure this track will brighten up someone’s day! It surely brightened up ours!

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“The song is about the uncertainty that surrounds growing up, and the everyday struggle with anxiety and stress.” – The Manatees

Another great track is from the UK-based indie-rock band The Manatees. The song “What If” carries the vibe of rock n’ roll and punk rock with distorted electric guitars and attention demanding drums. The lyrics of the song also relate to being a young person like the Chedda Cheese song above. In this song the lyrics focus on being a person who is questioning the future and the “What If’s” of life as he wonders what his life could turn into. The song is medium paced, feeling like a rock anthem, and could even fit into 1980’s glam rock era bands like Def Leppard and Quiet Riot. It’s a catchy, relatable rock song. What more could use ask for? The band cites their inspirations as The Vaccines, Jamie T and Circa Waves.

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Kris Gruen is an artist that Rock the Pigeon has been listening to for quite a while now. His music is soothing to the soul and paints pictures lyrically. His new song “Coming Down on Me” talks about the shifts of his life containing lyrics like “they tell me I’m so close to proving true that sinners can become saints.” This story-telling songwriter has a knack for writing songs that set a specific mood lyrically with music that fits well to those lyrics. This song has a simple drum beat and atmospheric and roots-style instrumentation to create a very peaceful vibe.

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One of RTP’s favorite pop-punk bands is out with another fresh anthem called “Notched.” The song contains similarly styled catchy melodies as their last release “Wires / Enough.” Downhaul has a knack for writing songs that fans want to listen to over and over again. The guitar playing is just as melodic and catchy as the lead vocals are. The band seems to flow perfectly together to create a pop-punk sound that feels very fresh and unique to the listeners. Downhaul is a band that should be on every rock fans radar right now. Enjoy their new song “Notched” now on Spotify:

One of Rock the Pigeon’s very own writers is also out with another new song titled “Jupiter.” This song is a pop-rock song that talks deeply about the singers struggle with drugs and alcohol and losing friends to those dark things. Ryan was recently interviewed by The Rainbow Times about the song. “I wrote ‘Jupiter’, originally titled ‘Jupiter, It Won’t Be Long’ when I was in college,” said Cassata in this exclusive to The Rainbow Times. “I wrote it about my teenage years. I spent a lot of them struggling with addiction and watching a lot of my friends do the same. The song is about taking things too far, not being able to communicate effectively, and feeling on the edge, not knowing if you’ll live or die. It is about the experience of ‘partying’ being fun initially, but then turning into something really frightening.”

Written by Freddie Seegar

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