Modern Love Child releases acoustic and soulful song “Golden Brown”

The song is about when I was still kind of in Love with a girl back on the East Coast of the USA, while I was living out in LA. I wanted her to move out to LA where its always warm and sunny, and we could just drink wine all the time.”
Modern Love Child


Modern Love Child, also known as John Shane Jr, is an up and coming artist based out of Los Angeles. He gets his musical inspiration from an extensive range of great performers, varying from the legend, Bruce Springsteen, all the way to the bands like Foster the People. He cites his main musical inspirations as War on drugs, Bruce Springsteen, The Killers and Don Henley. Modern Love Child’s new acoustic song “Golden Brown” will take you away to a magical place where you can forget about your troubles. The lovely acoustic sound of guitar and the raw and calming vocals in “Golden Brown” are just what you need to hear amidst a chaotic day. Your ears will be sure to thank you for the mini four-minute vacation. Make sure to catch Modern Love Child as they tour throughout the US!

Listen to this great song on Spotify now:

Written by Hunter T.

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