DAX is the hip-hop artist you should be closely watching

Dax is the 24 year old artist that goes against what the music industry is expecting from him and does things his own way. He puts his heart into his beats and his rhymes which really shines through on this new song and video “Self Proclaimed 2.” Dax speaks openly and honestly about many heavy topics on this 3 and a half minute song where he spits from start to finish flawlessly. His flow is impeccable. He demands attention with his vocal delivery. Dax has successfully created a track that comes across as unique and urgent in today’s music world. The music video is simple yet appealing and features some old footage of Dax and some concert footage. Enjoy it on YouTube:


“I came from the bottom and I swear I’m here to warn you
That everything I do is destiny cause I was born to” – DAX


Written by Ryan Cassata

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