Meet Singer-songwriter JP Ruggieri with Stand Out Bluesy Track “Bumble Bee”

JP Ruggieri combines gorgeous bluegrass guitars with a soulful vocal on his song “Bumble Bee.” The song serves as a beautiful taste of his recently released record “Waiting on You.” The song is a bluesy love song fit for a road trip. JP Ruggieri speaks about riding on a train and holding his lover close. The song features incredibly played guitars that really capture the heart and soul of blues music. The music has lots of room to breath, allowing each instrument to really speak for itself and be heard and appreciated fully. “Bumble Bee” is a co-write between JP Ruggieri and Abbie Gardner. JP is inspired by Paul Simon, Ry Cooder, Adam Levy, Rich Hinman, Bill Frisell, John Scofield, Randy Newman, Ray Charles, Chet Baker, and Leonard Cohen. It’s a perfect first taste of the great music that JP Ruggieri has recorded on his debut record.


“This song was written with my friend Abbie Gardner of Red Molly. We got together and she had the lyrics of the first verse and read them to me. I instantly fell in love with them and the melody just poured out. Musically, I was really going for a Ry Cooder type feel on this song. We recorded it as “open” as we could, to try and make the listener feel as though they were in the room with the band.”
– JP Ruggieri 

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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