Human Barbie Stuns Us with Sophomore Single “The Village Priest”

Human Barbie has become one of Rock the Pigeon’s favorite artists since we have discovered his vintage style recording process and incredibly authentic sound. We totally loved his chilled out song “• nineteen80 •” and couldn’t wait for more from this up and coming indie artist. Now we are ready to introduce you to another great Human Barbie song. A little quicker paced than the last song, “The Village Priest” is Human Barbie’s latest single, and only his sophomore single to date. It features a beautiful falsetto vocal that dives into unexpected melodies. The vocal melody and chord changes definitely make this song quite unforgettable. The lead guitar riffs in unique ways, adding more flavor to the track. At times the song reminds us of the Gothic style of The Doors with a more relaxed sounding lead vocal. Human Barbie has impressed us again with his latest single “The Village Priest” and we are excited to hear what this talented artist/producer has in store for our ears next!


Human Barbie is the moniker of Christopher Leopold. We asked him about the inspiration of his latest rock n’ roll anthem and he honestly explained:

“My process is kind of weird – I’ll go on binges where I obsess about an artist and learn a bunch of their songs on guitar – I’ll read about the studios they worked in, the producers, the workflow – kind of just geek until my brain is totally saturated. Then at some point, I’ll just spontaneously write a few songs that are connected in some way to what I’ve been learning, although they usually *sound* totally different. So for example, I was learning a bunch of David Bowie tracks from the 70s, just w/ guitar & voice, and I was reading all about Mick Ronson and Tony Visconti, his guitarist and producer from that era – just playing the songs along with the albums every day for a couple months. Out of that, I ended up writing ‘The Village Priest’, and a few other songs that will probably end up on my next album. I don’t know, can you hear a connection there? It’s related in some way, but I can’t really tell you how…” – Human Barbie

Human Barbie cites his current musical inspirations as King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, Partner, Andy Shauf, Rosie Tucker, Foxygen, Chris Cohen, and Ryan Cassata.

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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