Damhnait Doyle Releases a Song that is Powerful Enough to Never Be Forgotten

Damhnait Doyle‘s new song “That’s What You Get” caught our attention as soon as her soulful voice hit the track. She is pouring out her heart throughout this rock n’ roll-spirited song, starting off the verse with tender lyrics that shine with authenticity. She spills her soul on this track from start to finish to create an honest work of art that feels like it is cutting through the heart of the listener. Backed by a band of musicians who can really play, Damhnait Doyle has released a song that cannot be forgotten easily. She sings fiercely wit a sense of urgency. “That’s What You Get” is a powerful alt-country ballad that showcases talent in terms of songwriting, singing, performing, and producing. There is not one thing about this song that we would want to hear changed. We just want to hear it again and again…and we are certain that you will too.  

Listen to this masterpiece on:

More info: damhnaitdoyle.com/ 

Written by Ryan Cassata

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