Pretty Archie Release LP Containing Quick-Picked Americana Song

“Being honest and authentic is something we’ve always made a conscious effort to be, both lyrically and musically. Everything we write and sing about is real life for us, but the same things happen to everybody in every walk of life, in every town.”
– Pretty Archie


Pretty Archie is out with a quick-paced Americana song called “Stay The Same.” The song features a southern drawl sounding vocal that comes across as wonderfully soulful. The instrumentation is loaded with impressive quickly picked Americana and Bluegrass instruments such as guitars, banjos, and maybe even mandolins. “Stay The Same” feels like it’s bouncing, perhaps because of the hopping bass line that sets a solid foundation for the rest of the instrumentation. Honing in on a roots style vibe, Pretty Archie’s lead vocalist, delivers a slower moving vocal that sits perfectly on top of the fun sounding track. The vocal feels smooth in certain places, and gets a little more gritty in other places. The song “Stay The Same” comes from their 9-track record “Hanging On.” We also recommend checking out the track “This Whole Town.”

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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