Introducing Pale Moon with a Strong Debut Single


Pale Moon is a band that can be described as psychedelic rock. They cite their influences as The Beach Boys, Fleetwood Mac and The Doors. Although they draw inspiration from classic rock era musicians, they band has a modern dreamy indie-rock sound to them. Their debut song is titled “Exile” and features a tight sounding band and vocals that are coated in excellent sounding reverb. The guitars sound bright, the drums and bass carry the track, and the vocals fit perfectly on top of the track to really make the listener get carried into a psychedelic music trance. The song is chill in mood but also feels quite uplifting to the spirit. The music definitely is moving to all who listen. “Exile” is a very strong debut for Pale Moon and we cannot wait to hear what this duo has in store for us next. Pale Moon is made up of Árni Guðjónsson and Natalia Sushchenko.

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This song is written by me, Árni and the core of the song, which is the guitar strumming was born while our month-long trip to Mexico. We live in cold Iceland ,so we were very high on vitamin D at that point and enjoyed just being outside. The choir element comes from my obsession of Gospel music while ago. I used to go to see Gospel in a small town in Iceland, Gardabaer and I loved the sound of it. Lyrics are a bit abstract, but there’s a line, “They called me Jesus”, that actually happened in Cuba, I guess because of my long mouse-gray hair. Hard it pinpoint all the influences, but I was listening a lot to Beach Boys at the time and read Keith Richards biography that summer and both things shaped the song a bit in its own way.” – Árni, Pale Moon

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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