Kidsmoke is the Dreamy Indie Pop Band on the Rise!


Kidsmoke is on fire after performing at SXSW and being named in the Austin 100. This hot indie band is rising in the U.K. and now across the United States as well. They’ve been featured on BBC Radio and have even placed a song in the legendary show Black Mirror. Their success if well deserved because they have quite a unique sound. The band, made up of Lance, James, Sophie & Ash, fit into the genre of dreamy indie pop-rock. In more recent news, Kidsmoke is out with a new single called “Passenger” which has already been streamed nearly 20,000 times on Spotify. The song features an incredible lead guitar that riffs in a tasteful way throughout the track. The guitar tone is part of what makes the song really stand out from other songs because it sounds familiar to surf rock guitars. The vocals are chill in their vibe but lead with a catchy melody that will get stuck in the head of the listeners. The band sounds tight together and we can’t wait to hear what they come up with next. Enjoy Kidsmoke’s great new song on Spotify now:

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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